Peinhardt Living History Farm

Cullman, Alabama

History of the Peinhardt Farm

The Peinhardt Living History Farm is the result of the Peinhardt family's immigration from Germany to Cullman in the late 1870's. Karl Peinhardt settled in the community of Bethsada and his son Otto Peinhardt began the farm on the present site in about 1900. Carl Peinhardt, Otto's son attended Auburn University (Alabama Polytechnical Institute) from 1930 to 1932. He then began his own diversified farming operation with row crops, hogs and dairy cattle. He was a skilled carpenter and built his own buildings as well as doings some building work for the public. He developed a registered Guernsey dairy and was a leader in soil conservation as well as the dairy industry in Alabama. At his death in 1992, Carl's four surviving children began the preservation and development of the farm as an educational living history farm.

picture of Otto Peinhardt in 1938
1938 - Picture of Otto Peinhardt (left) and unknown. Notes from source: "Five acres of cotton, after oats. The oats were harvested April 25th, cotton planted May 15th. Estimated yield of cotton 2 bales per acre."